Lead by: Bob Barth
     The responsibility of the Worship Committee is to organize and supply the needs of the church for the Sunday Morning worship service for each of our weekly gatherings. In addition to regular worship services each week, this committee will also ensure that in the absence of the Senior Minister, or at the request of the Senior Minister, Guest Speakers are booked to speak and paid on the day of their speaking engagement. A report will be given by an Elder/designated representative who is on the Worship Committee each month at the full board meeting.

Christian Education

Lead by: George Shaw
     The responsibility of the Christian Education Committee is to provide for the supervising of classes and the suppling of all materials and teachings for the church outside of the 9 am Sunday Morning Worship service. These areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the resources of all Sunday school classes, Bible studies, various book studies, Youth Group needs and the needs and maintenance of the church library. A report will be given by an Elder/ representative who is on the Christian Education Committee each month at the full board meeting.


Lead by: Terry Murty
     The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the accounting, distribution, investment, and spending of church offerings and funds. The Stewardship committee will produce a financial report each month. Due to the significance and complexity of the financial report, the report must be given in person by the Financial Secretary of the First Church of Christ Lock Haven each month at the Full Board Meeting. This allows for questions to be answered directly and concerns to be addressed in a timely manner. 

Missions and Evangelism

Lead by: Wayne Bechdel

     The Missions and Evangelism Committee will be responsible for the Kingdom Work outside the walls of the First Church of Christ, Lock Haven. This work includes distribution of funds and supplies to missionaries and organizations both foreign and domestic and the evangelism of our community here in Lock Haven Pennsylvania. The funds distributed by this committee include offerings made to Missions as well as the various Scholarships provided by our Church Family both present and past. A report will be given by an Elder/designated representative, who serves on the Missions Committee each month at the full board meeting